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Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul & Gospel

Hipphippurra!!  Bravo!!

Trübes kaltes Wetter? Dagegen hilft Karibik! Unser Tipp: feinste karibische Klänge zum Träumen!

Nidia Ortiz upcoming Single CD - Ep February 2018 

Nidia Ortiz, CD, Album, Latin, latin, Sängerin


(d) Unsere Antwort auf das trübe kalte Wetter: authentische Sinnlichkeit und karibische Lebensfreude verbinden sich in dieser internationalen Produktion zu einem hochwertigen Musikgenuss!

Die dominikanische Ausnahmesängerin Nidia Ortiz präsentiert neben "Latin Klassikern“ auch zwei wunderbare Kompositionen aus eigener Feder: schließen Sie Ihre Augen und lassen Sie sich akustisch an die türkisfarbenen Strände der Karibik versetzen – tanzen Sie dazu oder entspannen Sie, ganz wie Sie mögen! Lassen auch Sie sich von Nidia‘s bezaubernden Stimme zum Träumen verführen!  


(e)  This single CD-EP (3 songs) represents  fantastic "artistic music creations" of the singer, songwriter and music producer Nidia Ortiz (songs 1 & 3) and the Grammy-nominated composer/arranger Don Hart. (Song "Bésame Mucho" by Consuelo Velazquez) All music was played by top performing and highly skilled artists! Recorded in part in Germany and  Nashville, TN.  This EP presents a fantastic mix, a latin musical diversity and so a new Latin music style created by the Nidia Ortiz.  You will listen to  fine relaxing lounge tunes, rhythmic Chacha grooves mixed with jazz-pop elements and a new Latin-Art Music! This fine CD puts you in a good „Caribbean-Summer mood“.  CD will be available to buy on February 2018 in all common internet music downloads and physical music stores. CD preis 5.99€ ( Note: 19% MwST included.  No shipping costs included!)

Thanks to musicians:

On "Bésame mucho":  Don Hart (arranger/composer), Chris Brown (drums/perc), Bruce Dudley (piano), Jim Ferguson (bass), Peter Huttlinger † (guitar), Bobby Shin (engineer)

On "Tu Amistad "& "Bachata de mar"  (composed by Nidia Ortiz):  Rodrigo Villalón (drums/perc.), Juan Camilo Villa (bass) Bruno Böhmer (piano), Juan David Restrepo (guitar), Rupert Schnitzler (piano, "Bachata de Mar") Peter Herrmann (engineer)

01. Tu Amistad (Your Friendship)


02.  Bésame Mucho (Kiss me so much)

03.  Bachata de mar (Bachata of the sea)

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Pictures of the Dominican Republic  

last minute punta cana all inclusive, Musik

Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Musik, Konzert



Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Musik, Konzert


Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul&Gospel


Concert / Konzert / Concierto 


Veranstaltungen Giessen, Nidia Ortiz Latin Jazz

  Next concert/Nächstes Konzert 18.03.2018 in Pohlheim (Volkshalle Watzenborn-Steinberg)

Wir freuen uns auf Dich!!

Nidia Ortiz  Quintett Konzert, Musik Giessen





Konzerte Giessen, Nidia Ortiz Konzert, Musiker in



Flyer download HERE :)

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Flyer Konzert Pohlheim 2018
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 Nidia Ortiz - short films / "live impressions" 

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Nidia Ortiz at Wetzlar Dom (Cathedral of Wetzlar) - Lichtvesper 2017







 Reviews / Rezensionen / Críticas

(For more Reviews please see our Press Kit)

  Reviews / Rezensionen / Críticas

(For more Reviews please see our Press Kit)



 "Arab Times"   from Kuwait writes, quotation: 

By Boie Conrad Dublin

Arab Times Staff

"KUWAIT CITY, April 29: Her silky voice

and sensual style as she performed a varied

repertoire from Latin, Latin lounge, nu-jazz,

soul, pop, ethno-pop, rock-pop, etc, held the

audience spellbound.

None could have made for a terrific opening

act than a talented Latin/Jazz singer and

her band of internationally renowned musicians

on the opening BBQ Concert Tuesday

of the 5th Gulf Jazz Festival at the Radisson

Blu Hotel.

Performing for the first time in Kuwait

and unknown to most local jazz aficionados

before her appearance, Nidia Ortiz captivated

her listeners from the moment she sang

the first few lines of her opening song, the

audience sitting in rapt attention as if in a

trance and break out in spontaneous

applause after each number to show their


Quelle: ARAB TIMES, FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010


Jazz, Latin, Nidia Ortiz
Nidia Ortiz Fith Golf Jazz Festival Kuwait 2010

 Nidia Ortiz live Bands

Nidia Ortiz live Bands

Nidia Ortiz Quintett, Jazz, Latin, Schiffenberg
Nidia Ortiz Quintett - LATIN. JAZZ. SOUL.FUNK.GOSPEL.

Nidia Ortiz Bands & Projekte

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Nidia Ortiz cooperates with several musicians and bands. (please have a look at "music")  But as you can see the guys of the Nidia Ortiz Quintet are special to her!

 Music - Musik - Música:  Latin, Latinjazz, Jazz, Soul & Gospel 

Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Karibik, sexy, Konzert

To discover more photos of the singer Nidia Ortiz, please click here: Photo Gallery section.  Für mehr Fotos von Nidia Ortiz bitte hier klicken: Photo Gallery  Para ver más fotos de Nidia Ortiz haz click aquí:  Photo Gallery 

  (e)  A beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. (d)  Eine der schönste Strände in der Dominikanische Republik.  (esp)  Una de las hermosas playas de la República Dominicana.  

Urlaub, Karibik, Latin, Nidia Ortiz, Jazz

 Did you enjoyed the pleasant walk on the beach?  Me too... Until that, I wish you all the best!  Take care.  God bless and come to visit us again.  You are here our V.I.P. ..   Nidia


Nidia Ortiz, Latin, latin, Musik, Konzert


Hasta la vista!! 





Nidia Ortiz, jazz, Jazz, latin, Musik, Konzert